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75,000 ft² existing

Further 90,000 ft² – Planning Approved

Cambridge North is our existing site which is currently operating with 50+ businesses on site. Located within easy reach of Cambridge city centre the local area is currently undergoing major development with the Waterbeach New town development creating a new town centre adjacent to the CIPL North site. This new development will see circa 20,000 new houses created in the area along with shopping facilities, two schools, primary education facilities, a sporting complex and a new sustainable transport network. All directly connected to the CIPL campus.

The North site itself is currently undergoing some changes with a new sustainably driven development project where we have just received planning permission for a further 90,000 ft²  of office development which will double the existing footprint with connected scale-up spaces, co-working and communal facilities, all linked into the wider CIPL community eco-system.