About Cambridge Innovation Parks

Cambridge is rapidly establishing itself as the centre for tech innovation across Europe and is seeing a rise in unicorn businesses emerging from its ecosystems. With a wide scope in development sectors including life sciences, CleanTech, BioTech, robotics and big Pharmaceuticals, globally renowned businesses are vying over the scarce pockets of development opportunities in and around Cambridge

Supported by huge investment from the UK government to improve local infrastructure through the development of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc project which has firmly established Cambridge at the heart of the UK's “Golden Triangle” of innovation, Cambridge Innovations  Parks is looking to build on its fantastic offering.

With three key locations around Cambridge and further pockets of land, Cambridge Innovation Parks are seeking investors to support their growth plans. Our main site in North Cambridge is well connected to the city and has recently received full planning permission to increase its size with a further 90,000 ft2 of sustainably driven office developments. With our offering of bespoke business incubation space, our clients will be able to access cutting edge facilities across all of our locations through our innovative new business model, designed to support growth like never before.

Our flagship location to the west of Cambridge is located on the new proposed train line between Oxford and Cambridge, while also being supported by new cycle and bus links as part of an infrastructure plan to deliver 20,000+ homes in the local area. This new site is being driven forward by the ambitions to become the UK's first Net-Zero business park which also looks to put the health and well-being of our clients at its core through innovative business and development models.

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